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The information below is that I have researched on the internet and in libraries and hopefully correct, however, things sometimes differ as times change. Should you find any errors, anything I might have missed or indeed anything I can include or research please email


Explore Ripon: A Shopper’s Paradise and More

The City of Ripon, located within the Borough of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England, is a hidden gem for shoppers and history enthusiasts alike. Ripon proudly hosts one of England’s oldest markets, filling the historic Market Square every Thursday. Stalls are brimming with a diverse array of goods, from fresh produce and household wares to fashion, footwear, and confectionery. Tradition holds that the bellman rings the bell at 11 am to inaugurate the market each week. Additionally, Market Square transforms into a hub for craft fairs and farmers markets on other occasions.

Ripon’s Market Square is the heart of the shopping district, surrounded by shops and leading to the picturesque Kirkgate street, which takes you towards Ripon Cathedral and is teeming with a variety of shops and eateries.

Ripon’s shopping scene offers something for everyone, from quaint boutique stores to well-known high-street chains. Many of these establishments have been a part of the city for generations.

For those planning a visit to Ripon, you’ll find a diverse range of accommodation options to suit your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious hotel, a cozy bed and breakfast, or a self-catering cottage, Ripon has it all. The city is an ideal base for exploring the stunning Yorkshire Dales and offers a wealth of history and culture, including the magnificent Ripon Cathedral.

When it comes to dining, Ripon has a lot to offer. The city boasts a variety of restaurants serving different cuisines, from fine dining in English-style restaurants to classic Italian, Chinese, and Indian eateries. You can also find numerous cafes offering hot drinks and sandwiches for a quick bite.

Ripon takes pride in its many pubs, with an establishment on nearly every street corner. The local pubs offer a wide selection of beers, lagers, wines, and spirits. You can even sample beers from local breweries like Hambletons, Theakstons, and Black Sheep. If you’re looking for a bar meal, you won’t be disappointed.

If you prefer a casual meal, don’t miss out on the classic fish and chips or takeout options. Ripon’s food and drink scene caters to every taste.

For sports and leisure enthusiasts, Ripon offers an array of opportunities. The city hosts sports clubs like football, cricket, rugby, and an 18-hole golf course, all within walking distance of the town center. There are also several gyms available to help you stay active and healthy.

Ripon’s location is ideal for those who enjoy walking and outdoor activities. Situated on the doorstep of the Yorkshire Dales, the city provides access to beautiful rivers, canals, marinas, and well-maintained parks for a leisurely stroll or relaxation on sunny afternoons.

Ripon North Yorkshire

History Buffs’ Haven: Discover Ripon’s Rich Past

Ripon is a historic cathedral city with a legacy dating back over 1,350 years. It’s renowned for its iconic Ripon Cathedral, an architecturally significant masterpiece. The city also boasts Ripon Racecourse and a thriving market, making it a fascinating destination for history enthusiasts and visitors alike.

Ripon’s history is steeped in tradition, with a stone church established on the site as early as 672 by Saint Wilfrid. This church is one of the earliest stone buildings in the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Northumbria, and its crypt from that era still stands today.

The city’s heritage is punctuated by significant architectural additions over the centuries. The west front was added in 1220, while the east window was constructed between 1286 and 1330 during a reconstruction of the choir. The church’s 35 misericords, carved between 1489 and 1494, add to its historical charm.

Ripon’s history also includes periods of Viking rule and Norman influence. The city was an important center for the wool and cloth industry during the 16th and 17th centuries, renowned for its production of spurs. The famous saying “as true steel as Ripon Rowels” originated from the quality of these spurs.

During its tumultuous history, Ripon faced challenges such as the Harrying of the North after the Norman conquest and a brief period of rebellion during the English Civil War. Ripon remained loyal and royalist during the Civil War, even accommodating Charles I as a prisoner for two nights.

In the 19th century, Ripon’s communication improved with the opening of Ripon railway station in 1848. The city played a significant role during World War I, hosting a military training camp and offering hospitality to soldiers’ families and Flemish refugees.

Ripon was also the first diocese to be created after the English Reformation, recognizing the need for new dioceses to accommodate the growing population, particularly during the Industrial Revolution.

In the modern era, Ripon retains its historic charm, with traditions like the nightly Hornblower who blows his horn at the Market Square’s four corners at 9 pm. It’s a city that seamlessly blends its ancient history with modern amenities, including delightful tearooms and shops.

Nestled on the edge of the picturesque Yorkshire Dales National Park, Ripon offers easy access to Harrogate and Leeds through frequent bus services.

Ripon North Yorkshire

Educational Opportunities in Ripon

Ripon provides a range of educational options for its residents and visitors. The city is home to several primary and secondary schools:

Primary Schools:

  • Moorside Junior
  • Ripon Cathedral Church of England
  • Holy Trinity Church of England
  • St Wilfrid’s Catholic

Secondary Schools:

  • Outwood
  • Ripon Grammar

Places to Explore in Ripon

Ripon offers a variety of attractions and places to visit, including:

  • Brimham Rocks: Located in Summerbridge, Harrogate, this natural wonder is a fantastic place to explore with stunning rock formations. Website
  • Lightwater Valley Theme Park: Situated in North Stainley, Ripon, this amusement park promises a day filled with excitement and thrills. Website
  • Ripon Cathedral: Discover the architectural grandeur of Ripon Cathedral, a must-visit historical landmark. Website
  • Ripon Police & Prison Museum: Explore the history of law enforcement and incarceration at this unique museum in St Marygate, Ripon. Website
  • Ripon Races: Enjoy a thrilling day at the races at Boroughbridge Road, Ripon. Website
  • Ripon Scenic Cruises: Experience the city from a different perspective with scenic boat cruises from Canal Basin, Ripon. Website
  • Ripon Workhouse Museum: Visit Allhallowgate, Ripon, to explore the history of the workhouse and its impact on the community. Website
  • Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal Water Gardens: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, these stunning gardens in Ripon offer a serene and picturesque escape. Website

Ripon is a city that seamlessly blends its rich history with modern amenities, making it a captivating destination for all. Enjoy the charm of this handsome city, surrounded by the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.


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