Harrogate Towns games to be streamed live

Harrogate Town's games while played behind closed doors, the EFL has announced they will be streamed live. EFL games will be accessible either by TV or streaming, while capacities are either zero or reduced. This is for games that are not shown on TV. The situation will be reviewed in early October. This means any Town game not shown on Sky will be available to watch via the streaming service, for a match pass price of £10.
 Town has decided to not include the streaming in a Season Ticket, rather encourage supporters to purchase games as they wish for £10.
EFL Chief Executive said: 
Whilst there is no argument that attending live matches is what the League, wants to see clearly, the overriding objective is to get supporters back into stadiums as soon as it is safe to do so. This is not a situation we like but given the circumstances, COVID has presented us it gives us a temporary option until we finalise our plans for fans returning.”