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September 2020

Welcome To The Newsletter

Welcome to the September edition of the HCR Newsletter - in the spirit of procrastination, this is the second Newsletter written for the station. Hope you enjoy it ~ Andy.

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HCR Member Pack™
We are putting together a member pack for the financial backers of Harrogate Community Radio. Find out how to become a member HERE.

A Changing Schedule
We have a schedule that is constantly changing. To keep up to date with developments, I will start pasting a copy of the server-side view of the week on the radio Schedule Page.

We Are Recruiting
Harrogate Community Radio is constantly looking out for fresh talent - so, if you want a crack at making a radios how please get in contact with us. There is an Open Call for Broadcasters on the homepage of the website and I can help talk you through the recording of your show, teaching you as we go along.

An Open Call For Broadcasters


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The Presenters Are Blogging
Have a look at the four links above - they are all blog posts written by your favourite HCR Host. There are posts by Karen Thornton, Craig J, Chef Ben Wright & even Admin Allan.


Sorry About That!



Well, I have egg all over my chubby face; there was an error in the playback of Good Pop / Bad Pop v5 on Saturday. We had two hours of dead air! I can't apologise enough to Harper & Cass. Mistakes happen...

Good Pop / Bad Pop v5