Harrogate Borough Council is seeking residents’ views on two areas relating to Stray land exchange and Stray Act Byelaws for the proposed Otley Road cycle route.

North Yorkshire County Council and the borough council, are working together to improve transport infrastructure in the west of Harrogate.

These improvements will include smart traffic lights, improvements to the junction of Harlow Moor Road and Otley Road, a new off-road cycle route on Otley Road and new or improved pedestrian crossings.

Because part of the proposed cycle route intends to use existing verges and footpaths between Cold Bath Road and Beech Grove on Otley Road, that are designated as Stray land, a formal public consultation is required.

The Stray Act requires that any land that is used must be exchanged for land that is equivalent in size, no more than 100 metres from the Stray and is ‘equally advantageous’ to residents of the borough.

Therefore, the borough council is asking for residents’ views on three options for exchange land that have been identified. As well as seeking views on whether to amend a Stray Byelaw that will allow cycling on the proposed Otley Road cycle route.