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Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre

Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre – Visit the website here – Location: Harrogate

Description: The Arts & Crafts Centre provides training for people with disabilities. Real work experience through social enterprise. Every week, over 150 Art Makers take part in a range of workshops, including employability training, health and wellbeing, arts and crafts and multi-sensory.

Henshaws is one of the oldest charities in the UK and in 2022 we celebrated our 185th anniversary. During out 180th year in 2017 we had a special exhibition space in Manchester’s Central Library – find out about our history and how it all started.

The legacy

In 1810, Oldham businessman Thomas Henshaw left £20,000 in his will to establish an ‘Asylum for the Indigent Blind’ in Manchester. In 1837, the original ‘blind asylum’ finally opened its doors in Old Trafford. By 1930, the school had 273 pupils, 194 workshop employees, 64 residents and 19 blind instructors.

Now approaching almost 200 years old, Henshaws is still growing today! We employ around 360 members of staff and 232 volunteers who support individuals, families and their carers who are living with sight loss as well as a range of other disabilities.

We have a full archive of Henshaws Annual Reviews from across our 180-year history if you are interested in reading any of these contact or call 0300 222 5555. Please be aware requests can take a few weeks to be responded to.

180th Anniversary Exhibition

Throughout September and October last year, we celebrated our 180th anniversary with an exhibition space in Manchester’s Central Library. Discover how the communities of Greater Manchester have worked alongside Henshaws to improve the lives of people with sight loss; you can even see a number of famous Manchester images through the eyes of someone with a common visual impairment!

You can download audio descriptions of all six panels from the 180th Anniversary Exhibition below. Or click the button further down to download the full exhibition design

We are a specialist charity providing expert support, advice and training to anyone affected by sight loss and other disabilities. Last year alone, we supported over 6,000 visually impaired people in the North of England.

Having a visual impairment or disability can mean people lose confidence in their future and find themselves isolated. We strive to support people to ensure that they do not feel alone, and that they have the skills and confidence to lead a live that is full of choice and opportunity.

We rely on your generous help to ensure we can continue this life-changing work, and we truly appreciate any way that you can support us.

Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre

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