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Latest News.

Motorcyclist dies in collision near Knaresborough Police are appealing for witnesses to a fatal collision near Knaresborough.

A blue motorcycle and silver Toyota Hilux collided on the B6165 Ripley Road in the Nidd area.

It happened at around 3.25pm on Saturday (31 July).

The motorcyclist was travelling from the direction of Ripley and the Toyota driver in the opposite direction.

Sadly the rider, a local man in his 30s, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police are appealing for any witnesses to the collision to come forward, including those who may have seen either vehicle prior to the collision.

Anyone who has dash camera footage is encouraged to save and preserve the footage and to contact North Yorkshire Police.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact North Yorkshire Police via 101, select option 1 and quote reference 12210171943.

Alternatively you can email the officer in case, PC Nicola Gill, at Nicola.gill@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk


HARROGATE CHRISTMAS MARKET CANCELLATION – Statement from the Directors The organisers of the Harrogate Christmas Market, Brian & Beryl Dunsby and Chairman Steve Scarre were staggered to receive an email letter from Harrogate Borough Council at 16.59 on Thursday 29th July stating that, “after careful consideration, they are unable to agree the use of Montpellier Hill Stray site for the Christmas Market and as such cannot grant a licence.”  It added that they “hope you are able to identify a suitable alternative location to allow the event to take place elsewhere.”

At the same time, the Council released a media statement on Facebook and Twitter stating that “the Event Plan did not take into account the risk of overcrowding and necessary evacuation procedures, counter terrorism measures and the ongoing risk of COVID-19.” This follows several weeks of silence whilst the HBC was presumably evaluating our Event Plan which was submitted on 5th May and the supplementary information which they subsequently requested, which was submitted on 10th June.    At no point has there been any opportunity to meet the Council Officers and other key experts to discuss their outstanding concerns.  We expected to be invited to a SAG meeting to discuss the Event Plan and the Supplementary Information but we have not been given that opportunity.  We have bent over backwards to fulfil all the recommended security and safety measures around the site.  In contrast to all their criticisms, we have not had the opportunity to talk about the benefits which the Market brings to Town Centre businesses. These appear not to have been considered by them.

This event was conceived in 2012 by John Fox and Brian Dunsby to attract shoppers into Harrogate at a quiet time of the year.  Shop Window displays, competitions and Town Lights were also co-ordinated.  We were careful to keep the town centre streets free for all the shoppers who were attracted there, and they have been filled to capacity by such shoppers during every Harrogate Christmas Market event ever since.  Many Town Centre shop-keepers and other local businesses have told us that the Christmas Market days are the best four days trading of the yearFor example, if our estimated attendance of 85,000 in 2019 each spent an average of £30 at hotels, restaurants, bars and shops etc., this would add £2.5 million to the local economy.   We have always had strong support from over 20 local trade and voluntary groups based in the Town Centre.  This factor does not seem to have been considered by the Council.  In our view there are so many more positives about the Harrogate Christmas Market than there are concerns. 

In 2016, an independent report by Consultant Malcolm Veigas into possible alternative locations, commissioned by the Council, concluded that “This review confirms that the Stray is the best location for events in the town and as such should continue to be used as the location for the Christmas Market.”  It has not been realised by some that the Family Funfair and Father Christmas with his live reindeer have always been an integral part of our Christmas Market. The network of ‘tarmac’ paths surrounded by grass enables the mix of many visitors and the erection of marquees and canvas stalls on the same site, whatever the weather holds for us all in November.  So we do need a large and versatile site.  We still believe that the totally open nature of this location with free access in all directions provides a safe location for the event whilst being as close as possible to the Town Centre shops, hotels, restaurants and cafes.  The action we have already taken to close Montpellier Hill during the Market to through traffic and the hill-top concrete blocks mitigate against the risk of a terrorist attack.

We regret that the Council has acted prematurely in refusing to grant a licence for the Market in 2021 without any discussion with the Organisers over the outstanding issues.   We appeal for a proper consultation meeting with the relevant Council Officers and experts as soon as possible.

Brian & Beryl Dunsby, Organisers & Steve Scarre, Chairman


Tel: 01423 879208 or 870025.  Mobile 07836 537512

Email: organiser@HarrogateChristmasMarket.org

Website: www.HarrogateChristmasMarket.org


This Yorkshire Day (Sunday 1 August) a Harrogate charity's been chosen by a local brewery to a 10p donation from every sale of their limited edition ale. Rooster’s, which is based on Harrogate’s Hornbeam Park, has pledged that for every pint of ‘White Rose’ sold, 10p will go to near neighbours, Disability Action Yorkshire. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


Ey up, did thee know it’s Yorkshire Day TODAY

Facts I have just read - That's right, the county of Yorkshire has its very own day! Here are some fun Yorkshire facts:

 Yorkshire is the most decorated county cricket club, with 13 more wins than any other county.

 Yorkshire puddings were first cooked up in 1737.

 Ripon is Britain's oldest city. It was granted a charter by Alfred the Great in 886.

 York Minster took 252 years to build, and is the largest gothic cathedral in northern Europe.

 Flamborough Head has the largest chalk reef in Europe, extending up to 6km out to sea.

 Scarborough was Britain's first seaside resort, establishing itself as a holiday destination in 1626.

 If Yorkshire were an independent country, we would have finished 12th at the 2012 Olympics.  On 26 July, the BBC presented an Olympic medal table and if Yorkshire was a country we would be in 8th place on the table, (behind Japan, USA, China, Russian OC, Great Britain, South Korea and Australia) and in front of countries such as Kosovo, Italy and France.

 At 2.9 million acres, Yorkshire is the largest county in the UK.

 Brian Blessed, Sir Patrick Steward, Dame Judi Dench, Sean Bean, Michael Palin, Sir Ben Kingsley and Matthew Lewis are just some of the award-winning theatrical exports Yorkshire has produced.

 Bram Stoker's visit to Whitby in 1890 provided him with the perfect location and name for his famous vampire, Dracula.

And last but not least The Famous Yorkshire Tea


Today (30 July 2021), Harrogate Borough Council have issued another statement after they announced yesterday the Christmas markets would not be held on the Stray this winter.

Councillor Richard Cooper, leader of Harrogate Borough Council, said: "We knew that the statement yesterday was going to spark a lot of questions, as Christmas is such an emotive subject.

“And I realise some people are disappointed with the decision not to grant a licence at this location.

“The decision is made to protect people's lives on the basis of what the emergency services tell us. Click Here to Read More


North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has said he "won't tolerate" those who assault Harrogate's emergency service workers.

Philip Allott is calling for those who are convicted of assaulting an emergency service worker to serve jail time and says he will personally write to judges and magistrates to recommend sentences.

He said: "These people are trying to protect the community and save lives. Why on earth would people want to assault them?

"So what will happen is when we get to the sentencing part I will write to the judges and magistrates and insisting on nothing less than a custodial sentence.

"For somebody just being drunk and lashing out at someone doing their job I have no tolerance whatsoever. It cannot be right that the perpetrator of that crime can essentially walk free with a suspended sentence and a fine."

He also wants the new legislation currently going through Parliament to come into force as soon as possible to provide protection for police officers and staff, firefighters and paramedics.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill will mean the maximum sentence for anyone found guilty of assaulting an emergency service worker, such as by thumping, kicking, pushing, shoving or spitting, is doubled to two years.

Figures from North Yorkshire Police Fire and Crime Commissioner office found in the last 12 months 696 assaults were recorded against emergency service workers in North Yorkshire and York.

177 of those assaults resulted in injuries to the emergency service work and 8 in 10 were assaults on police officers.

Mr Allott drew attention to a particular case in Harrogate where an officer sustained a broken jaw after being assaulted.

He said: "That officer in Harrogate was assaulted last year and he was off work for a considerable amount of time but the perpetrator was given a suspended sentence and to me that isn't a justified amount of time.

"He was paranoid about going out, concerned about going to work and that meant he couldn't do his job properly and left North Yorkshire Police without an officer. The effect these assaults have can be extremely detrimental."

Mr Allott, added: “The sheer number of crimes where an emergency worker has been assaulted in North Yorkshire and York over the past year shocked me, and I know it will shock all those reading them too.

“These are individuals who are on the frontline and putting themselves in harm’s way who are being assaulted while working hard to protect us. It is only right we do everything we can to protect them in return by ensuring those who attack them go to prison.

“In my view, it’s simple – when someone attacks an emergency service worker, and unless they are detained under section 136 of the Mental Health Act, nothing less than a custodial sentence will do and I will be writing to the court, at the time of sentencing, for anyone convicted of assaulting a police officer, PCSO, paramedic, firefighter or transport police in North Yorkshire and York to make that case.

“I want everyone across North Yorkshire and York to know that this is our position. There is never an excuse for assaulting those public servants who are there to keep us safe. If convicted of an attack, I will do all I can to ensure they face imprisonment which is the punishment they deserve. For those still intent on attacking emergency workers, please don’t subsequently say you were not warned.”

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North Yorkshire Police is appealing for witnesses and information about the theft of a bicycle that occurred in Harrogate town centre.

It happened outside Cafe Nero on Beulah Street at 2.30pm on Thursday 22 July when a man took a bicycle that was propped up outside.

The man is described as a slim white male, with a long thin face, aged between about 35-40 years old. The suspect was wearing dark shorts, a grey t-shirt, and a baseball cap.

The bike is a black Carrera road bike with red trim and thin tyres.

We are requesting the public’s assistance to help establish the full circumstances surrounding the incident.

In particular, we are appealing for information about and witnesses to the incident or if anyone has seen the bike in question.

Anyone with information that could assist the investigation should contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 2, and ask for Jacob Higgins. You can also email jacob.higgins@northyorkshire.police.uk

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can pass information to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Reference 12210165521

 Contact details: Jacob Higgins - #0878
jacob.higgins@northyorkshire.police.uk | 101 - 878

Incident reference: 12210165521


Cancer survivor and Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust Catering staff member shaves hair for Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity

A member of Harrogate Integrated Facilities Ltd (HIF) Hospital Catering Team and former cancer patient is helping to raise money for Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity (HHCC).

Wendy Pullen, who has worked for HDFT for 25 years was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 33. Wendy had lost her mother to breast cancer at 14 and after finding a lump she knew she needed to attend a cancer screening. After being referred to HDFT and undergoing five years of ongoing treatment, she received the all clear.

20 years after her first diagnosis, doctors found three tumours during a routine check-up and Wendy was once again diagnosed with breast cancer.  After her second diagnosis, Wendy made the decision to have an operation to remove both of her breasts.

Wendy said, “The most difficult thing was telling the kids, I just wanted everyone to be normal and treat me the same, like nothing had changed. This is how I dealt with it.”Fast forward 33 years, Wendy is shaving her head to raise awareness of breast cancer in both men and women. She now wants something to give back; raising money to support those who are going through similar experiences as she has.  Sammy Lambert, Business Development, Charity and Volunteer Manager said “We are delighted that Wendy is wishing to support HHCC after her ordeal.

“I would like to say thank you to Wendy and let her know we are so grateful for the donations. The money raised will really help make a difference to staff working in the trust as well as patients who are receiving treatment. “We are so happy and grateful to Vision Hair in Knaresborough who will be shaving Wendy’s hair off.”

Wendy will be taking on the challenge in Herriots Restaurant on Friday 6 August at 1:15pm

Please see the link where you can donate to support her cause: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/WendyPullen



Summer BBQ

 Join Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity (HHCC) on 29 August for a fun filled summers day, with an incredible live entertainment programme, licensed bar, donkey rides, face painting and much more!   The event is being held at Harrogate Railway Athletic F.C., Station View, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG2 7JA, 12pm – till late. Have fun, relax and enjoy good music, food and drinks after an extremely difficult and challenging year!
Get your tickets today
Tickets include: Entry, drink on arrival, food from the BBQ, live entertainment, strawberries and cream.
Contact the HHCC and Volunteer Team today to purchase your tickets: call 01423 557408 or email: hdft.hhcc@nhs.net