Climate Change in Harrogate

The Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition is an independent collaborative group of businesses, public sector organisations and voluntary groups, which promotes and supports greenhouse gas reduction activities throughout the Harrogate District. in the Harrogate area. All listings here are taken from online research and they are listed without charge.  Use of this Site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use by you or any third parties.  If you are unable to find what you require please contact us at and we will try to find the nearest for you.


Coalition board and sub-group members are drawn from organisations that are willing to proactively support the coalition's purpose. Board members are leaders in a wide range of sectors. For example commercial businesses, education, voluntary community groups, and the public sector (including representation from the Public Services Leadership Board). 

Current active board and sub-group members represent the following organisations: CNG Ltd, Energy Oasis, Goosemoor Organics, Harrogate District Cycle Action, Harrogate and District Community Action (HADCA), Harrogate Borough Council, Harrogate College, Harrogate District Hospital, Highways England, Nidderdale AONB, North Yorkshire County Council, Techbuyer Ltd, University of Leeds, White Rose Forest, Yorkshire Energy Systems, Zero Carbon Harrogate. Read more at

An early introduction to the district wide CLIMATE ACTION FESTIVAL (CAFÉ) Coordinated by the Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition (HDCCC) 2021 is a great year to hold our first district Climate Action Festival (we had to postpone events in 2020). This year the UK is hosting the COP26 global UN climate summit, which will attract huge interest. Many local people want to know what they can do to help reduce the damage being done to the climate, and some local organisations are already planning to run a climate action activity. Let’s showcase the great climate action already going on in our schools, workplaces and community groups. Let’s all - young and old, urban and rural – enjoy learning about climate solutions we can take now. Let’s work with the members of our own teams, groups & organisations to make a difference. INFORMATION ABOUT CAFÉ WH Y? To learn how we can act now to limit damage from climate change and ensure a thriving future. WHE N? 1 st – 23rd October 2021. The month before the UK hosts COP26, the global UN climate summit. WHE RE ? Various venues in rural and urban places across Harrogate District & some online at WH AT? What are volunteers in the Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition going to do? • Run a launch event and a 2-day conference in association with key partners. • Publicise appropriate activities led by local organisations like yours. • Promote your suggestions & successes about actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

A district wide CLIMATE ACTION FESTIVAL (CAFÉ) Coordinated by the Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition (HDCCC) October 2021 - our first district Climate Action Festival WH Y? To learn how we can act now to limit damage from climate change and ensure a thriving future. WHEN? 1 st – 23rd October 2021. The month before the UK hosts COP26, the global UN climate summit. WHERE ? Various venues in rural and urban places across Harrogate District & some online at WHAT? Please tell us what you are doing to raise the profile of climate action during CAFé – so we can help publicise your work. Let’s showcase the great climate action already going on in our workplaces, schools and community groups. Let’s all - young and old, urban and rural – enjoy learning about climate solutions we can take now. CONFIRMED DATES INCLUDE Saturday 2nd October for local residents and communities. Demonstrations, discussion & fun focus on skills and technologies that help us to take climate action and see “what does the future look like?” Venue: Harrogate College. Friday 15th October “net zero business” conference for the local business audience. Venue: Harrogate Convention Centre. Please let us know if you are interested. - CONTACT A VOLUNTEER VIA EMAIL AT TO TELL WHAT YOUR BUSINESS OR ORGANISATION CAN CAN OFFER DURING CAFÉ & TO ARRANGE A CHAT.

Harrogate District Climate Change CoalitionVisit the website here

Business: Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition

Location: Place-shaping and Economic Growth, Harrogate Borough Council, PO Box 787, Harrogate, HG1 9RW, North Yorkshire, UK.

Phone: E Mail:

Description :

Harrogate District Climate Action Festival School competition in 4 age categories from 5 – 18.

Speak to [insert name of member of staff at your school] for more details.

All entries must be received by Monday 20th September.

Prizes will be announced on 2nd October at the Climate Action Festival “What does the (sustainable) future look like?” event.

*digital entries (eg podcast or video) must be attached to email and run for less than 2 minutes.



Harrogate District Climate Action Festival competition for school children.


Create a poem, poster or digital entry* to tell us your ideas about a climate friendly Harrogate District and how this can benefit the environment and biodiversity. “My ideas about how where I live can be climate friendly (please encourage children to focus on energy or transport or green spaces if possible).”


Please interpret and explain the topic in an age-appropriate way for the children you work with. Children are invited to use either their imagination and vision of what a sustainable future will look like or focus on already available and well known solutions. Or both! The rules should be interpreted generously to encourage a lot of children to join in.

We hope this means you have enough information, but if in doubt please with your question.

* Digital entries (e.g: podcast or videos) must be email attachments or links to a school webpage. Any digital entry must run for less than 2 minutes. HDCCC cannot discuss which file types and sizes are suitable.

The aims of the Climate Action Festival are to raise awareness of the many types of action which can be taken to limit damage to our global climate and which also have benefits for our community, the environment and biodiversity.

All entries must be submitted by a school. We cannot accept entries directly from children or families for (safeguarding reasons).

Age categories & prizes for children (vouchers which can be spent in a local shop or shops):

  • Under 8s: 3 prizes worth £15 each
  • 8-11s: 3 prizes worth £20 each
  • 12-15s: 3 prizes worth £30 each
  • 16s-18s: 2 prizes worth £40

Prizes for schools: Each school with a prize winner will receive a tree or an environmentally themed book for the school library for their fantastic contribution and support for climate action.

Children are encouraged to use their imaginations – and you will know what resources are suitable for your children – but here are a few ideas, which might help get things going: Climate friendly energy includes many renewable sources as well as ways to reduce demand. Climate friendly transport reduces motorised miles per person through active travel and shared vehicles powered by renewable sources. Climate friendly green spaces include nature based solutions such as urban tree planting, woodlands and natural solutions to flooding.

How to enter: All entries must be received by Monday 20th September.  Each individual entry must include name of school and first name, initial and age of child (eg on back of a painted poster or in file name of a digital entry). Poems and posters by post [to SCHOOL COMPETITION, c/o FM Management Solutions Ltd, 3 School Lane, Copmanthorpe, York YO23 3SQ] or as file attachments to with “school competition” in the title.

Digital entries* must be email attachments or links to a school webpage.

Conditions of entry:

  1. Children must be identified only by first name and second initial as well as age and school.
  2. Permission has been granted for use of children’s work by HDCCC (to show name of school, first name and age of child only).
  3. Schools must be in Harrogate District.

Judging.  Decisions of the judging panel are final. Prizes will be announced Saturday 2nd October at “What does the (sustainable) future look like?” event at the Harrogate College. Please encourage pupils and families to come along to this community event.

Zero Carbon Harrogate secures funds to launch

a Retrofit Revolution in the Harrogate district


Zero Carbon Harrogate, a local charity, has received grants totalling over £135,000 from Ofgem’s Energy Redress Scheme and the National Lottery’s ‘Together for our Planet’ fund for a major retrofit programme including training and engagement in the Harrogate District.

The programme aims to reduce the climate impact from domestic energy use by accelerating the delivery of local retrofit services.

Home retrofit, or ‘retrofit’ for short, is the design and installation of energy saving measures in homes to make them warmer and reduce CO2 emissions. Retrofit can include all forms of home insulation, replacement windows and doors, draft proofing, upgrading ventilation and the installation of heat pumps. Heat pumps are an efficient, low carbon alternative to gas or oil for heating the home.

Fiona Jones, Zero Carbon Harrogate’s Retrofit Team Leader, said, “We are absolutely delighted that both our applications were successful and that our programme was recognised as much needed for our district. This is a ground breaking programme and the first of its kind in the U.K.”

There are approximately 67,000 homes in the Harrogate District. In March 2020, an investigation from the BBC’s Shared Data Unit found that 70% of properties with an energy rating in the Harrogate Borough are rated D-G. To meet net zero targets there is an urgent need to improve the energy efficiency of these homes.

However, there is a lack of local tradespeople with the skills needed for whole house retrofits. A Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition survey found 78% of residents agree that they would be prepared to make changes in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Yet local homeowners have found it difficult to access the retrofit services they need.

Chris Wilde from Yorkshire Energy Systems recently said, “We currently have 190 enquiries for low carbon installations and only five employees who can do the work. We expect the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme in 2022 will further boost demand in our area, which provides all homeowners with a non-means tested grant of £5,000 towards a heat pump.”

Zero Carbon Harrogate’s programme seeks to ensure the required skills are embedded in the district’s building industry through a comprehensive training programme, fully funded by the grant received from Energy Redress. Harrogate College have already started developing a curriculum to help deliver this, as well as other industry-related courses.

Holly Hansen-Maughan, Partnerships and Development Manager at Harrogate College said, “Harrogate College proudly supports Zero Carbon Harrogate’s initiative to kick-start the local retrofit industry, and futureproof our district’s builders and tradespeople by providing the training that’s needed. We are committed to upskilling people across our district and ensuring that new skills needed are embedded into the curriculum. We have already had a fantastic start to our retrofit training programme with an oversubscribed course in January on the ‘Foundations of Eco-Retrofit’, through People Powered Retrofit. New courses in Domestic Energy Assessment are also coming in March.” 

Photo: Fiona Jones, Zero Carbon Harrogate’s Retrofit Team Leader and Holly Hansen-Maughan, Partnerships and Development Manager at Harrogate College

Zero Carbon Harrogate’s new Retrofit Programme is due to begin in the next few months. It will be led by a Retrofit Programme Manager, who will manage an effective engagement programme across the district on behalf of the charity. This is a new, four-day-per-week role, and applicants are encouraged to visit or email for more information (applications close on 24th March 2022).

The Retrofit Programme Manager will also advocate for best practice and high standards in the retrofit process. As well as tradespeople, a number of Retrofit Assessors and Coordinators will be trained to specify the work needed and supervise its progress, to ensure high standards of are met.

Homeowners who have managed to start retrofitting their homes have been impressed with the results. Local homeowner Bethany Clarke said, “Having an air source heat pump fitted to our property was important to us as a family, and not just to lower our carbon footprint. With young children and a baby, it’s important to us that our house is always warm, and an air source heat pump keeps our house at a constant warm temperature without increasing our bills. It’s far more efficient than a gas boiler.”

Photo: Local Homeowner Bethany Clarke with the heat pump installed at her property

Other local homeowners Bill Rigby and Shan Oakes said, “We have tried in recent years to improve the energy performance of our ‘50s semi. It is like being on a journey, which may never be completed, but the improvements to our comfort and our energy bills have been worth it! People with knowledge and experience have been hard to find, so access for traders to skills improvement is vital.”

Photos – Bill/Shan and whole house retrofit

If you are a local homeowner and would like more information about how to get your house retrofitted and what funds are available, please email





Zero Carbon Harrogate is a local charity, dedicated to making Harrogate District a net zero carbon community by 2030.

Energy Redress is a grant scheme for charities to deliver energy related projects that benefit people in England, Scotland and Wales. The scheme is administered by the Energy Saving Trust, who have been appointed by Ofgem to distribute payments from energy companies who may have breached rules.

Together for our Planet is a grant scheme from the National Lottery to support communities across the UK to take action on climate change.

Harrogate College is a local further education provider, committed to meeting the educational needs of the local community.

Contact details for further info:

Jemima Parker – ZCH Chair